Packithub was established several years ago and has quickly grown to become a leader in the flexible packaging industry. Working together, every Packithub employee continues to support the long-standing goal that everyone deserves an opportunity to work and succeed in a positive environment despite any disabilities, disadvantages, race or gender. Packithub is an equal-opportunity employer.

To us, product packaging doesn’t simply mean creating a secure carton for any given product. It actually means promoting the reputation of a company and its brand through high-quality, protective and easy-to-use containers.

We cater to culinary manufacturers who deliver fresh, recipe-based, pre-proportioned, and ready-to-cook/eat food choices direct to the consumer. We deliver food-grade packaging solutions designed to ensure uncompromised shelf life, enhanced ease of use, product freshness and quality and exceptional branding.

Not only do we understand the need for your food products to arrive in a perfect condition, we work to guarantee it.