There’s no two ways about it: varying food types need varying food packaging. Whether you’re selling grains, dried fruit, sauces, juices, or protein bars, your packaging for food products should be designed to ensure compliance, product protection, consumer safety and ease-of-use.

At Packithub, our various pouch food packaging styles are specifically designed to address all of the above while taking expected shelf life and brand image into full account. As an industry-leading food packaging services provider for both large and small, nationwide and local food companies, we have the high-quality, dependable packaging styles you need.

Pouch Packaging Advantages

Providing an exceptional seal, our pouches were designed to safeguard product quality and freshness while adhering to food hygiene standards. The strength of the three-side seals (sides 2, 3 and 4) ensures leakproof distribution and handling. The food-grade pouches offer several access options including:

  • Easy tear
  • Zip lock
  • Spout
  • V-notch
  • Loop
  • And More!

Food manufacturers of all types can choose from:

Stand-up pouches — Available with rounded corners, Easy-peel openings, Zip-lock seals, Spouts, D-Punch openings and V-notch options, stand-up pouches offer easy access and excellent shelf appeal.

Spout pouches — Available with re-closable caps and secure three-side seals, the stand-up spouted pouch is most commonly used to securely package liquids such as milk, sauces and juices. Manufactured for use in the food industry, but offers a variety of applications.

Center-sealed pouches — Secured at both ends with one center seal, these pouches, available in differing sizes, are enhanced with a full-length “fin,” allowing easy access. Each is available with Easy tear, Zip lock, Spout, D-punch, V-notch and loop openings.


Packithub is dedicated to providing food safe packaging solutions for our diverse clientele. Contact your Packithub packaging consultant for more information regarding any pouch packaging option and its recommended applications.